While studying at the University of Central Florida, I ran into a fellow, Simon Pacheco. He asked me to help him out with an app for our school that integrated with the Canvas Education website. I was tasked to redesign and help rebrand his app, Schoolflow (formally Scholarbounty), an app used by nearly 10,000+ students across the country.

Simon and I spent well over several months going through revisions and we ultimately agreed upon this solution. What was unique about the project was that I had a very minimal responsibility over the user interface. Therefore, my role was to further polish the current UI with an updated color scheme, a new logo, a spiffy app icon, internal visual elements, and a greater focus on typography. Although pressed for time and limited by technical constraints, the greatest challenge in this project was for me to satisfy my client's need's while simultaneously balancing and advocating for a stronger user interface.

Below is a prototype demonstrating how the filter classes feature would work and manipulate the list. It helped us prove a few theories and make quick decisions during the development phase of Schoolflow.

Most interestingly, this is the forth iteration of the style guide. It was my first shot at making a style guide for others than myself, and definitely assisted the handoff of assets and correct sizes. I'd highly recommend companies with a larger amount of employees produce style guides for their products to help move forward and faster.