Finish meaningful tasks every day. With Cycles, you can stay motivated and alert to be as productive as possible. This app side-project serves a person notifications to remind them to complete a specified task on a schedule they control. This project all started in early 2016.

About 10 months ago, I caved and purchased an Apple Watch. It didn't boast many awesome features except reminders from Activity app. Interestingly enough, I felt more compelled to view notifications from my wrist and later found myself obeying the command of the Stand function. What would be possible if we had more control?

After teaming up with, Alec Delanchian, we wanted to see what could be done to expand this idea. Our journey eventually led to creating an app from scratch. We call it, Cycles.

Date: Jan 2016 — Today
Client: Personal
Role: Product Designer

Cycles app reminds you to complete meaningful daily goals. Set as many and whatever cycles you'd like! Our app encourages people to be healthier and empowers them to be in control of their health too.

We tried to be more distinct on your home-screen with a beautiful, warming green. This was not the first choice, though, as the image above displays our first purple hue. We quickly changed to a solid green, but still weren't satisfied.

After a few months of back and forth, the interface is set and working wonders. Cycles make the best of Apple's default elements with a custom twist through animations and interactions. Below are a few screen showing dynamic notifications and the cycle's view.

It's not enough to simply solve a problem. You need to make it accessible for people. Some barriers that apps today encounter are language support and visual impairments. With Cycles, we took careful consideration to have our app fully translated into Spanish and soon, French and Italian.

We also went further to create a spectrum of colors to differentiate cycles for color blind customers as seen above. Nobody should be left behind because of their unique abilities.

It has been a wonderful 9 months thus far, and I cannot wait to submit this app to the App Store at the end of this year.