My name is Mitchell and I'm a computational designer. Most recently I was at SightPlan where I helped them improve their platform and overall user experience by designing with data.

As a designer, my job is to enable opportunity—meaning, the best experience should be available to all. Through design, we can exemplify the possibilities of a service or product so people choose for themselves what path to take. I can say this is my 10th year pursuing my passion, and I'm loving every day more and more. 

If I'm not surfing or playing Super Smash Bros. (I can beat all of ya'll), I'm working on Cycles app with Alec Dilanchian. It helps you complete daily goals and motivate you to do more through reminders that you control.


  • Cycles App, Product Designer (Jan 2016 — Today)
  • Sightplan, Design Intern (Mar 2015 — Mar 2016)
  • Schoolflow, Lead Designer (Dec 2014 — Mar 2015)
  • Freelance, Graphic Designer (May 2011 — Dec 2014)


You can see more of my work on Dribbble or Behance, read what I'm rambling about on Twitter and Medium, or get in touch via electronic mail.